The Watershed Reports, first created in 2017 by WWF-Canada, are the first national-scale assessment of the state of freshwater in Canada. As of September 2023, Water Rangers is the Watershed Reports’ new steward!

The Watershed Reports were created to identify and address critical knowledge gaps about freshwater health in Canada and to help guide efforts to improve. Prior to the creation of the reports, there was no nationally standardized assessment of Canada’s watersheds – a concerning situation given the vital importance of watersheds to our ecology, economy, culture and history! The Watershed Reports contribute to understanding the challenges of collecting data across such a vast area and making data on freshwater health available to the public.


What are the Watershed Reports?


The Watershed Reports includes data from governments, researchers, and community groups. They were originally created by WWF-Canada. Starting in 2024, will be stewarded by Water Rangers, powered by AquaAction.


The Watershed Reports are an interactive tool that shows scores for 4 aspects of river health and 7 key threats at a watershed and subwatershed scale.


The Watershed Reports are updated every 3-5 years. The last assessment was made in 2020 and the next one will be released in Fall 2024.


The Watershed Reports assess watersheds across the country, at a high-level. While it can't provide nuanced answers to local concerns, it shows where to start searching for answers or investing in sharing data.


The Watershed Reports are the only national assessment of water health and have been a driving force investment in open data sharing in Canada! Importantly, the Reports are created independently of government, with an expert review board.

Looking forward

The Watershed Reports contain recommendations on moving from data to action. Water Rangers will be publishing the next version in 2024, showcasing progress since the last publication.